My name is Carl, I have been an avid cyclist since the mid 90’s. My love of cycling started in my early teens, exploring Margam park and other local places on an entry level cross-country bike. I started riding trials on the rocks of Porthcawl beaches in the late 90’s, this became my main hobby and led to a few Mountain Biking UK magazine appearances. I got a road bike about the same time and spent many hours in the saddle keeping fit. In 2001 I left Porthcawl for the University of Glamorgan where I graduated with a degree in forensic science, whilst there I found a love for downhill mountain biking and unicycling on the hills of the Taff Valley.
I have always fixed my own bikes, and over the years I picked up how to do pretty much every repair. Once I graduated, I came back to Porthcawl and my love of bikes made me want to work in a bike shop. After weeks of persistent nagging in the local bike shop the owner gave me a job, this is where I learnt how to repair more complicated things and picked up the ‘tricks of the trade’.
After years of fixing bikes for friends and family, word got around and I found myself getting busier. The bike repair business was the next logical step!